The Roberts Family

Sharing Our Small Slice
of Heaven

We love nature, time with family and friends, and the bounty of northeast Kansas. Join us for a glass of wine, an art class, or one of our special events planned throughout the year.

Located just east of the Overland Park Arboretum in Stilwell, Kansas, we are excited to share our small slice of heaven with you.

Our Story

Connecting with Nature

Amy Roberts, owner of Serendipity Farm and Vine, is a Kansas City native. You could say that an adventurous spirit, and a love of nature and the outdoors runs in her blood.

This love was nurtured by her family. As a child she remembers helping her dad in the garden, and walking around with her parents and grandparents talking and listening to them about the different trees, plants, vegetables, fruits, and even weeds. She loved going fishing with her grandparents.

Amy is the mother of three wonderful children, Garrett, Paige and Savannah. She enjoys being on the farm with Riesling, the Great Pyrenees guest greeter and six beautiful horses, Levi, Romeo, Juliet, Her Majesty, Maverick and Indigo Rose. 

Amy Roberts

Finding a Passion

Over the past few years, Amy started a journey to find something she was passionate about and enjoy it with her family. Inspired to live without regrets, she realized that she has always been passionate about land. Almost as if by serendipity, she came across the beautiful, serene acreage in Stilwell, Kansas. She fell in love instantly, and named it Serendipity Farm & Vine.

It takes me back to my roots, the things I enjoy most, the nature around us and my family.  When you live in the city you get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all, and you don’t stop to take a deep breath and realize what wonders are all around us.  So now I can share my passion, Serendipity Farm and Vine not only with my family, but also with you, this little slice of heaven right here on earth in Stilwell, Kansas.

Amy Roberts

Owner, Serendipity Farm & Vine

A Family Affair

On the Farm

Serendipity Farm & Vine is truly a family affair. When you visit, you’ll likely meet Amy’s parents, Tabb & Joyce, who help run the farm at Serendipity, keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes. Joyce takes special care of all our animals at the farm, and Tabb and Amy are partners at vinting time, making all of Serendipity’s wines together on-site.

Tabb, Joyce, and Amy